Sermon “The Depths of Humility, The Heights of Grace”

When we reflect on the wonder of the cross we find a beautiful relationship between grace and humility. Humility positions us to receive the grace of God and receiving the grace of God keeps us humble.


Sermon “Baffled”

Romans 7 gives us a peak into the heart of the Apostle Paul. He reveals his frustration over the struggle he continues to have with his flesh and sin, and he also reveals the secret to overcoming this battle as well as a precious promise that can sustain us through the relentless spiritual battle that rages within.


Hearts Ablaze Easter message

On the very day of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead two of his disciples were traveling home after spending Passover week in Jerusalem. On the day that was filled with hope realized these two disciples are overcome with grief and mourning that Jesus has been killed, unable to believe that He has risen from the dead. At this low point Jesus meets them and God opens their eyes to the realization of hope through the risen Christ. On this very day God can do the same in the life of those who have had their hope extinguished by the crushing circumstances of life.


Wide Awake

We don’t talk much these days about the return of Christ, and when we do it is often shrouded in fear and depression concerning the end of the world. Even in churches it seems as though the fact that Jesus’ promised to return for His bride some two thousand years ago has lost its excitement for us. Our time and energy is focused on things that are very significant and God-honoring, but they are also rooted in the here and now. We want to make our world a better place and put an end to things like poverty, injustice, and a whole host of other noble pursuits. All the while we may be missing one central premise of life as a follower of Jesus Christ, a premise that guarantees to wake us from the slumber we may not even realize we have fallen into. Paul has a message for each of today that as followers of Jesus Christ our daily lives should be shaped by His imminent return.



message title: Freedom
message text: Galatians 5:1
message date: 07.04.10
As we celebrate our country’s freedom and the price of that freedom, we can also remember the freedom we have in Jesus Christ.


freedom! outline

O Happy Day!

message title: O Happy Day

message text: Matthew 28:1-10

message date: 04.04.10

What started out before dawn to be a day of mourning and good-byes ended up being the greatest day of rejoicing the world has ever known as the King of heaven and earth put the exclamation point on His victory over sin and death.


o happy day outline

Just Missing the Point

message title:  Just Missing the Point

message text:  Luke 19:28-44

message date: 03.28.10

As Jesus entered Jerusalem for His final Passover with His disciples there was much rejoicing by His disciples, much opposition by the Pharisees, and much weeping by Jesus because they all had missed the point of His arrival in Jerusalem to bring a peace with God that came not through sword, spear, and rebellion, but through death.


Keeping Watch

podcast-logomessage title: Keeping Watch

message text: Hebrews 13:17

message date: 04.19.09

Within this one verse are lessons for those who have been called by God to lead His body and those who are called to follow them.  This message was originally given as part of an installation service for the Council of Elders at Radford Baptist Church.



celebratemessage title: Celebrate

message text: Luke 22:7-20

message date: 04.05.09

During the last week of His life Jesus celebrated the Passover with His disciples.  As He took his closest friends through this ancient celebration/feast He transformed the traditional element, revealing how His presence on earth and the things that were about to take place in His life were really the fulfillment of the celebration.  The disciples were perplexed that night, to say the least, but as the events of the next several months unfolded Jesus words and actions became crystal clear and sparked a revolution in which these eleven men transformed the world with the good news of Jesus life, death, and resurrection.