Deacon Ordination Sunday message “To this Aspire”


The ministry of deacons is a visible reminder of the biblical portrait of a godly, spiritual man to which all Christian men should aspire.


The Story series #30 “To the End”

The Apostle Paul’s life and ministry is a testimony to remaining faithful to the purpose God has given us with every breath until our last. His example provides us with a model of the things upon which to focus our attention in order to faithfully live out God’s call every day of our lives.


The Story series #29 “Send Us Out”

God’s relentless pursuit of relationship with humanity continues and expands as the early church scatters and one of the greatest persecutors of the church becomes one of the greatest missionaries for the gospel.


missional series #2

missional graphicmessage title: joy in the city

message text: Acts 8:4-8

message date: 11.15.09

Our central mission as disciples of Jesus Christ is reproduction in others of what Jesus has produced in us.  When we do this by taking Jesus into our city great joy follows.


Keeping Company with God series #5

keeping company with God copymessage title: House of Prayer

message text: Acts 12:1-11

message date:  09.27.09

Prayer is about relationship with our heavenly Father.  When God’s children come to Him united together in prayer there is power.


Trail Guides: Leading People on the Journey of Faith #6

223583_hikingmessage title: Give It All You Got

message text: Acts 3:1-10

message date: 08.09.09

One of the greatest means of cultivating souls for spiritual planting is giving the kindness of God, which has been implanted in our own hearts, into the lives of others resulting in healing for humans and glory to God.