Authenticating Identity series #5: Tongue Lashing

James’ letter found in the New Testament is likely the earliest of all the writings in the New Testament. It is filled with straightforward and practical teaching about the faith of followers of Jesus Christ. James refuses to pull any punches, but with the immense compassion he challenges those who read it to take seriously their walk of faith, recognizing that how we live reflects who we are. Then, as today, there are many who profess to be followers of Jesus Christ, yet their lives do not reflect their identity as children of God. This series will challenge each of us to live lives of faith full of action that is consistently and continually authenticating our identity and Christ’s body.


Everyday Greatness series #16 “Sent by the Suffering Savior”

Everyday Greatness Series Artwork

As we close out our study of the gospel according to Mark we are challenged and encouraged by the humiliation and and exaltation that takes place through Jesus death, burial, and resurrection.


The Doulos Mandate series #3: Slaves to Sin

Doulos Mandate Series(1)
It is difficult to fully comprehend just how wonderfully amazing the grace of God in Christ is until we realize the other side of the story. It is a universal reality that apart from Christ we are slaves to sin, the most devastating and degenerating power ever to afflict the human race. Sin corrupts the entire person leading to misery and condemnation. But when we embrace grace in Jesus Christ we find freedom from the wretched clutches of sin.