Kingdom Chronicles series #4 “Withstanding Error”


Paul continues his breakdown of the armor of a follower of Jesus Christ with the shield of faith and the helmet of salvation. These pieces of armor are critical for withstanding the onslaught of subtle lies and deception that the enemy throws at the believer.


Kingdom Chronicles series #2 “The Truth that Holds It all Together”


Paul begins his breakdown of the spiritual armor of a follower of Christ with the belt of truth. This piece of equipment was essential to a Roman soldier’s victory in battle and is even more essential for a follower of Christ’s spiritual victory over the enemy. Its basic function is to hold everything together.


Kingdom Chronicles series #1 “The Battle”


As followers of Jesus Christ we are engaged in a spiritual battle. Our enemy is strong and cunning and relentless. But our source of strength is even greater. We can find victory in the Lord and His mighty power. Therefore, we must be committed to building a biblical worldview so that we can stand firm in spiritual battle.


Trail Guides: Leading People on the Journey of Faith #5

223583_hikingmessage title: Life

message text: Ephesians 2:11-22

message date: 07.26.09

Finding faith in Jesus Christ is a journey with many stops along the way.  It requires that those who have gone before guide those who have yet to trust Christ fully.  The life that God intends through this journey is found in community with other Christ followers.