Summoned to God’s Table, series #1 – Passover: Redemption!

In the Old Testament, God established 7 annual feasts with the people of Israel. These were appointed times in which God invited His people to come and meet with Him. Through these seven feasts God has revealed His redemptive plan in it’s entirety. Each feast finds its fulfillment in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.


The Story series #10 Different

The people of God are moving out of the period in which they were guided by judges into a time when they request that a human king rule over them like all the other nations of the earth. the heart of their request reveals that they have not grasp that reality that as God’s people they are called to be distinctly different from all the nations of the earth and provide a truthfully and compelling representation of the heart of God to the rest of the world. What results is a time of heartache for the people of Israel as God seeks to draw them back to the purpose for which they have been created.


The Story series #6 – Road Trip

This chapter of the journey through God’s story finds the nation God has chosen at the doorstep of the land He promised to give them. In spite of God’s promise and the multitude of ways in which He has acted on their behalf the nation refuses to enter into the land for fear of being trampled by the giants and instead ends up spending 40 years wandering through the desert. Though God wants for His people to receive and experience His blessings, both then and now, He will not enable sinful behavior to go unnoticed or undealt with in our lives.