Unexpected Presence series #5 “Bearing Disgrace with Praise”

Unexpected Presence Series Graphic

The final woman found in the genealogy of Jesus Christ is Mary. This young girl displays amazing faith and obedience to the Lord as she is faced with what others surely deemed a disgraceful circumstance. While Mary could have been overcome by her situation, instead she chose to praise God and ponder His amazing grace throughout her life.


The Story series #3 – Trusting God in the Mess

The third chapter in our chronological journey through Scripture looks at the life of Joseph. Though his life appeared to be a mess for several years in reality God was using that mess to position Joseph to accomplish His purposes. His story can be a source of encouragement for us that God can do the same in our lives today.

Keeping Company with God series #4

keeping company with God copymessage title:  clogged ears?

message text: Genesis 37-45

message date: 09.20.09

Prayer is about relationship with our heavenly Father.  When we experience the pain of unanswered prayer we must focus on the bigger story God is weaving in our lives and in the world.