Teach Us to Pray series #7 – Simple and Effective

Teach Us to Pray Series Artwork

Jesus wraps up His teaching to the disciples on how to pray with two illustrations and one central theme. The focus of the illustrations is the highlight the truth of the central theme, which is Jesus wants His followers to simply be persistent and regular in their prayer. The key to effectiveness is persisting in the principles Jesus has taught in His model prayer.


Teach Us to Pray series #6 – “Minefields Disguised as Amusement Parks”

Teach Us to Pray Series Artwork

This second request of God is focused on God’s guidance and protection in our lives. If we are left to guide ourselves we may end up wandering into places we do not really want to be and finding ourselves overcome by an enemy that wants to deceive and destroy. The only certain way to navigate through this live safely is to rely on God’s divine guidance and protection to lead us through the temptations and evils of this life.


Teach Us to Prayer series #4 “God’s Bakery”

Teach Us to Pray Series Artwork

Jesus’ model prayer transitions at this point from the way in which we approach God to the way and what we ask as we approach.


Teach Us to Pray series #3 – The Joy of Living Under God’s Roof

Teach Us to Pray Series Artwork

Jesus continues His model prayer by highlighting the principles that God the Father is the sovereign and rightful ruler over everything. This realization is essential to our prayer lives and how we approach God.


Teach Us to Pray series #2 – Talking to Daddy

Teach Us to Pray Series Artwork

Jesus begins His teaching on how to pray with a lesson on the nearness and the otherness of our heavenly Father and how we should unite these two elements of His character as we approach Him in prayer.


The Green Elephant series #1 – Where’s My Piggy Bank?


It’s the topic that we all know is there in the church but no one wants to talk about…money. Any yet, Jesus talked more about money than any other subject. In this mini-series we will look at some key biblical principles about money. Some of what the Bible says may surprise and some will surely challenge. It’s time to acknowledge and address this elephant in the church.

In this first message of the series we learn…
The world is full of things to treasure and full of people who treasure these things. However, Jesus tells us in Luke 12 that if we treasure anything as more valuable than God then we are certain to find our hearts filled with fear and anxiety. Money and things are not meant to be treasured in and of themselves, instead God has given us money and things for a purpose. The purpose of money is to maximize our treasure in heaven, treasuring God as infinitely more valuable than anything.


Silencing the Rocks, Shine series #2

As Jesus enters Jerusalem in what is known as the Triumphal Entry, He is surrounded by crowds who are praising Him as God’s true king. The religious leaders view this as blasphemy and demand that Jesus silence the crowd. Jesus’ response to the religious leaders is somewhat peculiar. Instead of a simply “no,” Jesus makes a statement about rocks crying out. His statement uncovers for us a great deal about our purpose on earth and the outcome if we choose to be a silent majority rather than a vocal public witness to who Jesus is.


Seeking the Lost, Shine series #1

Zacchaeus was a wee little man…a man whose life was transformed through his encounter with Jesus. As his story comes to a close, Jesus makes the declaration that He has come to seek and to save that which is lost – those who are like Zacchaeus was. Now, He desires to accomplish this through His followers and when He does it is one of the most joyous occasions in our lives.


Just Missing the Point

message title:  Just Missing the Point

message text:  Luke 19:28-44

message date: 03.28.10

As Jesus entered Jerusalem for His final Passover with His disciples there was much rejoicing by His disciples, much opposition by the Pharisees, and much weeping by Jesus because they all had missed the point of His arrival in Jerusalem to bring a peace with God that came not through sword, spear, and rebellion, but through death.