Everyday Greatness series #10 “Blurred Vision and Corrective Lenses”

Everyday Greatness Series Artwork

At the halfway point of the gospel of Mark we find the disciples making the declaration that Jesus is indeed the Messiah. The eighth chapter marks a transition in the gospel. The disciples acknowledge that Jesus is the Messiah but they cannot wrap their minds around how He is the Messiah. As Jesus begins to teach that He is a suffering Savior they resist His teaching. Though they resist Jesus lovingly and strongly rebukes and continues teaching and leading in preparation for the time when He will turn over the ministry of spreading the gospel to this group of faithful followers.


Keeping Company with God series #5

keeping company with God copymessage title: House of Prayer

message text: Acts 12:1-11

message date:  09.27.09

Prayer is about relationship with our heavenly Father.  When God’s children come to Him united together in prayer there is power.


Trail Guides: Leading People on the Journey of Faith #6

223583_hikingmessage title: Give It All You Got

message text: Acts 3:1-10

message date: 08.09.09

One of the greatest means of cultivating souls for spiritual planting is giving the kindness of God, which has been implanted in our own hearts, into the lives of others resulting in healing for humans and glory to God.