The Doulos Mandate series #4 – Bought with a Price

Doulos Mandate Series(1)

This fourth message in the series will look at God’s work in our salvation and how God’s sovereign work is a precious gift for slaves of Christ to cherish.


Advent: We are Waiting series #4 – God Redeems in Waiting


Advent is a time in which we look toward the advent of Jesus Christ. We look back toward His 1st advent with celebration and rejoicing, and we look toward His 2nd advent with anticipation. As we wait for His 2nd advent we want to wait well understanding that God has purpose in our waiting. We may wonder in our waiting if God has forgotten or is simply not taking seriously His promises, but nothing could be farther from the truth. God’s patience is a gift for humanity that allows us time to embrace the redemption that is available through His Son Jesus Christ.


Summoned to God’s Table, series #1 – Passover: Redemption!

In the Old Testament, God established 7 annual feasts with the people of Israel. These were appointed times in which God invited His people to come and meet with Him. Through these seven feasts God has revealed His redemptive plan in it’s entirety. Each feast finds its fulfillment in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.


The Story series #4 – The Doorframe of Your Soul

The story of God continues to unfold as the nation He is establishing ends up enslaved to another nation. They cry out to God, He hears their cries and delivers them through His name, His power, and His plan. The way in which God delivers this young nation offers a glimpse into how He will deliver humankind from enslavement to sin.


The Story series #1 – Beginnings

MorningStar Baptist Church is spending the majority of 2012 taking a chronological journey through the Bible. This is the first message on that journey, looking at Genesis 1-9.