Everyday Greatness series #15 “Awake, Alert, Active”

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In Mark 13 Jesus takes the opportunity to challenge his followers to harden their mission resolve as they focus on His overwhelming glory as Son of God and Savior.


Everyday Greatness series #14 “Rejection and Sacrifice”

Everyday Greatness Series Artwork

As Jesus progresses through His final week the conflict with the religious leaders intensifies. Jesus’ responses to the religious leaders questions that are meant to trap Him become more and more direct and reveal the reality that not all who witness lives of sacrifice for the glory of God will rejoice and celebrate. Yet, Mark also drives home the truth that God will remember and empower those who live sacrificially for Him.


re. series message 6 re.jected

re-jected-graphic-6message title: re.jected

message date: 03.01.09

message text: Zechariah 9-11

Hundreds of years before the promised Messiah, Jesus Christ, walked the streets of Jerusalem his coming was revealed in Zechariah 9-11.  It was also revealed what kind of deliverer he would be.  But the message of these chapters has a sobering tone reminding us that when we reject God’s King we delay the fulfillment of His promises and get left to our own devices.