Everyday Greatness series #16 “Sent by the Suffering Savior”

Everyday Greatness Series Artwork

As we close out our study of the gospel according to Mark we are challenged and encouraged by the humiliation and and exaltation that takes place through Jesus death, burial, and resurrection.


Everyday Greatness series #2 “God Forsaken”

Everyday Greatness Series Artwork

Mark’s description of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ highlights that fact that Jesus Christ was forsaken that we can be forgiven. Though He was forsaken He did not remain that way, but was resurrected by the Father leaving death and the power of death in the grave.


The Story series #27 “Living On the Other Side of the Empty Tomb”

The crucifixion of Christ is only part of the story. In order to get the full message we must also come to grips with the resurrection. The resurrection lifts the fog for us and gives the followers of Jesus the ability to live with a renewed perspective, power, and purpose.


O Happy Day!

message title: O Happy Day

message text: Matthew 28:1-10

message date: 04.04.10

What started out before dawn to be a day of mourning and good-byes ended up being the greatest day of rejoicing the world has ever known as the King of heaven and earth put the exclamation point on His victory over sin and death.


o happy day outline

50 forward series #6: resurrection and life

message title: resurrection and life

message text: John 11:17-37

message date:02.07.10

In this 50th year of ministry for MorningStar Baptist Church we are celebrating the fact that Jesus Christ has been our all-sufficient source and solidifying this reality for the years to come.  Jesus makes 7 sufficiency statements in the book of John.  Jesus’ fifth statement reminds us that He is all-sufficient because of His identity not because of His activity.


resurrection and life outline 6