The Lost Symbol series #4: “The Gift of Reckoned Righteousness”

There is both good and bad in the fact that the cross has become a very familiar sight in our world. We see it everywhere we turn from buildings to jewelry. The message of the cross is so simple a child can understand, yet it is so rich that even if we were to spend every waking moment of our entire lives studying it we would fail to mine all the riches to be found there. In this series we will seek to mine some of those riches and spark a passion in each of us to pray as the hymn writer wrote “Jesus, keep me near the cross.”



crave-graphicmessage title: crave

message date: 03.22.09

message text: Matthew 5:6

We live in a world that continually tells us that we are not satisfied.  Advertisers earn a living by convincing us that by purchasing their product we will be purchasing satisfaction.  Yet, with every purchase we find fleeting satisfaction.  So is full satisfaction attainable and if so, where can it be found?