Everyday Greatness series #13 “Striking the Root”

Everyday Greatness Series Artwork

As Jesus enters Jerusalem in preparation for His final week of ministry He confronts dead end religion head on for the empty shell that it really is.


Everyday Greatness series #9 “The Sanitation Department”

Everyday Greatness Series Artwork

Jesus’ teaching on purity and impurity were a shock and an outrage to the religious leaders and a source of confusion for the crowds and the disciples. After years of emphasis on the external traditions of ritual washings meant to guide God’s people in how to live out the holiness, the traditions had taken the place of Scripture and at some points, actually contradicting the commands of God. Jesus therefore brings the people back to the heart of the issue, that purity and impurity are determined by what is going on in the heart rather than by anything external.


Something Old, Something New teaching series

This mini-series will look at two passages from the book of Matthew in which Jesus addresses the relationship between the old and the new.  As we dig into these two parables of Jesus we will gain valuable insight about our attitude to both the new and the old.  Audio and outlines of these two messages can be found by clicking on the following link,  http://www.morningstardayton.org/resources/audio/series/info/something-old-something-new