Kingdom Chronicles series #2 “The Truth that Holds It all Together”


Paul begins his breakdown of the spiritual armor of a follower of Christ with the belt of truth. This piece of equipment was essential to a Roman soldier’s victory in battle and is even more essential for a follower of Christ’s spiritual victory over the enemy. Its basic function is to hold everything together.


Growing Up On Commercials

            Growing up commercials taught me the basic truths of life.  If you are honest with yourself I bet they taught you some of the basic truths of life as well. 

            Here are some of the things I learned about life from commercials.  I learned that they don’t make things like they used to from a grandma who just wanted a big juicy flavorful burger from her favorite good old fashioned burger joint.  Instead she was presented with an overcooked undersized patty of soy meat that left her crying out, “Where’s the beef?”

            I also learned that the quickest and most surefire way to world peace is not nuclear disarmament, which was a big issue growing up in the 70’s and 80’s you may recall, nor was it through peace talks and treaties sanctioned by the United Nations.  The solution to all the fighting and hate in the world was much simpler than that.  All we needed to do was simultaneously get a Coca-Cola in one of the hands of every individual on the planet and a luminary of some sort; match, candle or lighter in the other hand, and then all together we sing in perfect harmony.  Suddenly all the fighting and conflict would melt away like an ice cube sitting on the dashboard of a car in the summer sun.

            Yet another truth illuminated through the wonder of television commercials was that someone could have saved Mr. Mick Jagger a lot of heartache and frustration had they just handed him a Snickers bar before one of his concerts.  Because everyone knows that Snickers satisfies you.  Apparently he didn’t watch commercials like I did because the poor guy was running around trying and trying and trying and trying to get some satisfaction and all he needed to do was turn on the tube for a few minutes and he would have seen testimonials from individuals who were facing the same crisis in life but averted a life of despondency by simply supplementing meals with an occasional visit to the vending machine.  I wonder if anyone has told him yet?

            Now that I’ve grown some and had the opportunity to put many of these truths to the test I’ve learned that some of these truths hold water and some don’t.  The truth that they don’t make things like they used to does hold water but sometimes that’s not such a bad thing.  I tried to bring about neighborhood peace as a boy thinking that if Coca-Cola had the power to bring world peace then surely it had the power to bring peace among my friends over something as silly as a girl.  But no amount of caffeine and singing could solve the conflict. 

            Probably the greatest disappointment was in my dear friend the Snickers bar.  Surely the testimonials of countless Americans couldn’t be wrong, but alas, either they were wrong or their sights were set lower than the mercury in a thermometer at an observation station in Antarctica.  Eating a Snickers every time I was discontent, frustrated or despondent left me with nothing but a few extra pounds and a mouthful of cavities.  Though some of you may love the occasional shot of Novocain followed by a pint sized jackhammer pounding away at your enamel leaving you with drool sputtering out the corner of your mouth that scenario has never found its way into my definition of satisfaction. 

So I was left wondering, with my good old friend Mick, if I could ever get some satisfaction.  But then I heard the testimonial of another individual who wasn’t heralding the wonders of a Snickers bar but of a man by the name of Jesus Christ.  Everything that all these products had promised and not delivered he claimed Jesus could deliver.  The liberation Christ promises is the same yesterday, today and forever delivering the same redemption today that our ancestors enjoyed.  In Him is the means to peace not only between individuals and nations but peace for the conflict within ourselves.  And when He has been welcomed to come and fill the empty shell we call life He will satisfy and keep on satisfying like no six ounce candy bar ever could.  Now that’s a commercial that someone should be airing on every station, every hour until everyone finally hears and believes there is no greater, or truer, truth of life.

50 forward series #7: way, truth, & life

message title: way, truth, & life

message text: John 14:1-14

message date: 02.14.10

In this 50th year of ministry for MorningStar Baptist Church we are celebrating the fact that Jesus Christ has been our all-sufficient source and solidifying this reality for the years to come.  Jesus makes 7 sufficiency statements in the book of John.  Jesus 6th sufficiency statement reminds us that our human quest for God ends in Him.


way truth and life outline 7

The Core series #4

thecoremessage title: The Book

message text: 2 Timothy 3:16 – 17

message date: 10.25.09

Our faith is built on non-negotiables that if compromised erode our evangelical faith.  One of those non-negotiables is the truth that all that essential for human happiness is found in the Bible.