Gameplan series #3: “Multiply. Send Disciples”

The third message of this series examines the importance of legacy to the ministry of Jesus and the early disciples applying this importance to our own ministry today.


Gameplan series #2: “Love. Be Disciples”

This second message in the series takes a look at the Great Commandment given by Jesus with a focus on how we are to live this out in our everyday lives.


Gameplan series #1: “Go: Make Disciples”

As we begin 2014, MorningStar is taking a month to examine the key teachings of Jesus to the church that are to define who we are and how we live in this world. This first message looks at Matthew 28:18-20, the Great Commission, seeking to understand and act upon Jesus words to go and make disciples.


The Story series #7 – Giant Challenges

God’s people are finally entering in and possessing the land that God promised them approximately 600 years earlier. They face the same challenges their parents faced but God gives a healthy dose of encouragement to the people to be strong and courageous as they enter the land knowing that He will be with them. Their greatest responsibility is to live God’s way and in so doing God will guide them into success and they will make His name known among all peoples.


Valuing Our Vision series #4: An Eye for Opportunity in an Hour of Urgency

message title: An Eye for Opportunity in an Hour of Urgency
message text: Ephesians 5:15-17
message date: 07.11.10
Ownership matters. When I possess something as its owner I also possess the authority to determine the usage of that thing. This series will answer questions of ownership and management. It will look at the world, our lives, and our resources in light of the reality that God owns everything and therefore sets the parameters for our management of all we have and are. This message looks at our time and how God cares about the management of our time. Every moment of our lives is an opportunity and we only get one shot at making the most of that opportunity so we must be intentional.


an eye for opportunity in an hour of urgency outline 4

re. series message 2 re.focus

message title: re.focus re-focus-graphic-2

message date: 01.11.09

message text: Haggai 2

the is the second message in the re. series.  This series takes a look at the Old Testament books of Haggai and Zechariah specifically focusing on what we are to do when God calls us to rebuild His work.  this second message is entitled re.focus.