Why Family Ministry?

The following audio was recorded on a Sunday morning at MorningStar Baptist Church.  The church is seeking to step out in faith and hire an associate pastor in an area that they have never explored before, family ministry.  As the church forges ahead the leadership is continually seeking to help the church to understand and fully embrace the what it means to be a church committed to family ministry, what family ministry “looks” like, and why we are convinced that family ministry is crucial to the future of ministry at MorningStar Baptist Church.  Many thanks to those who have helped shaped my view of family ministry including: Voddie Bauchham, Mark DeVries, Brian Haynes, Reggie Joiner, Timothy Paul Jones, Jay Strother, and Steve Wright.  Just to name a few.  If you are currently considering the place and shape of family ministry in the church I pray these resources are helpful.