The Story series #10 Different

The people of God are moving out of the period in which they were guided by judges into a time when they request that a human king rule over them like all the other nations of the earth. the heart of their request reveals that they have not grasp that reality that as God’s people they are called to be distinctly different from all the nations of the earth and provide a truthfully and compelling representation of the heart of God to the rest of the world. What results is a time of heartache for the people of Israel as God seeks to draw them back to the purpose for which they have been created.


“A Must Read” series #4: Chapter Three: Unholy Accommodation

message title: Chapter Three: Unholy Accommodation

message text: Revelation 2:12-17

message date: 04.11.10

These days it seems that everyone has a strategy, opinion, plan, or formula for how the church should look and operate.  However, only one voice really matters, the voice of the one who gave His life for the church, Jesus Christ.  The book of Revelation contains 7 letters to 7 churches in which God tells us what His church should look like in order to reflect His image.  He shares what to avoid and what to embrace as we reveal the image or our glorious Groom, Jesus Christ.  The church at Thyatira was a church that was standing strong against a full frontal attack by the enemy, Satan, but they were struggling to lock arms and guard the subtle flank and rear attacks of the enemy that were bringing compromise into the lives of many in the church.  The lesson we can learn is that resisting stumbling blocks in our daily walk with Christ is a community effort.


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