Everyday Greatness series #15 “Awake, Alert, Active”

Everyday Greatness Series Artwork

In Mark 13 Jesus takes the opportunity to challenge his followers to harden their mission resolve as they focus on His overwhelming glory as Son of God and Savior.


Wide Awake

We don’t talk much these days about the return of Christ, and when we do it is often shrouded in fear and depression concerning the end of the world. Even in churches it seems as though the fact that Jesus’ promised to return for His bride some two thousand years ago has lost its excitement for us. Our time and energy is focused on things that are very significant and God-honoring, but they are also rooted in the here and now. We want to make our world a better place and put an end to things like poverty, injustice, and a whole host of other noble pursuits. All the while we may be missing one central premise of life as a follower of Jesus Christ, a premise that guarantees to wake us from the slumber we may not even realize we have fallen into. Paul has a message for each of today that as followers of Jesus Christ our daily lives should be shaped by His imminent return.