Teach Us to Pray series #7 – Simple and Effective

Teach Us to Pray Series Artwork

Jesus wraps up His teaching to the disciples on how to pray with two illustrations and one central theme. The focus of the illustrations is the highlight the truth of the central theme, which is Jesus wants His followers to simply be persistent and regular in their prayer. The key to effectiveness is persisting in the principles Jesus has taught in His model prayer.


Teach Us to Pray series #6 – “Minefields Disguised as Amusement Parks”

Teach Us to Pray Series Artwork

This second request of God is focused on God’s guidance and protection in our lives. If we are left to guide ourselves we may end up wandering into places we do not really want to be and finding ourselves overcome by an enemy that wants to deceive and destroy. The only certain way to navigate through this live safely is to rely on God’s divine guidance and protection to lead us through the temptations and evils of this life.


Teach Us to Prayer series #4 “God’s Bakery”

Teach Us to Pray Series Artwork

Jesus’ model prayer transitions at this point from the way in which we approach God to the way and what we ask as we approach.


Teach Us to Pray series #3 – The Joy of Living Under God’s Roof

Teach Us to Pray Series Artwork

Jesus continues His model prayer by highlighting the principles that God the Father is the sovereign and rightful ruler over everything. This realization is essential to our prayer lives and how we approach God.


Teach Us to Pray series #2 – Talking to Daddy

Teach Us to Pray Series Artwork

Jesus begins His teaching on how to pray with a lesson on the nearness and the otherness of our heavenly Father and how we should unite these two elements of His character as we approach Him in prayer.


Firmly Resolved

I came across an inspiring story of a young woman who took a stand for her faith in Jesus Christ. This story did not originate from some foreign country in which individuals must hide their relationship with Jesus Christ behind closed doors and it is not a story from centuries past. This story took place just a few years ago right here in the United States of America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, and let me say that in my opinion the story of this young lady epitomizes both of the these values. Megan Chapman was a graduating high school senior at Russell County High School in Kentucky. At the outset of her senior year she had been elected to the chaplaincy of her class. This position had traditionally had the privilege of delivering a prayer at graduation but this year things looked as if they were going to turn out somewhat different. The Wednesday before the graduation proceedings the ACLU filed suit to stop the prayer, and on Friday morning a federal judge issued an order barring the high school from conducting prayer in conjunction with the graduation ceremonies. In this order Megan was actually specifically named as being barred from praying during the graduation. With graduation taking place on Friday night it appeared as though prayer had effectively been removed from yet another part of the fabric of America. Yet, while all these official court proceedings were taking place the senior class officers of the high school had met on Thursday and decided that Megan should not only deliver the prayer at graduation but she should also be the one to deliver a message to the graduating class and everyone present. This group of seniors was determined to have prayer as a part of their graduation so throughout the day on Thursday they had passed out bookmarks containing the Lord’s Prayer, not fully aware of what would take place on Friday. With the realization that her name was specifically sited in a federal lawsuit I can only imagine the incredible pressure that Megan must have been facing. With just hours until graduation she had a critical decision to make, would she stand for Christ in spite of these circumstances and possibly face federal charges or would she comply with the court order and keep silent about her faith in Christ? I’ve asked myself multiple times since reading of Megan’s account what I would have done, though I can’t be one hundred percent certain my prayer is that I would have done the same thing she did. Just three hours before the graduation ceremonies were to take place Megan was contacted by a group of evangelical lawyers who informed her that the court order could only prevent her from praying and not from sharing her personal testimony or a religious message. So Megan prepared to take her stand. With 3,000 in attendance the senior class of nearly 200 students opened up the ceremonies by all standing together and reciting the Lord’s Prayer. Before the students could even conclude the prayer the entire high school gymnasium was enveloped in applause. This was followed up by Megan stepping up to the podium. She had brought a poem with her to the podium but felt as though God was leading her to share a message instead. The message included her personal testimony of her faith in Jesus Christ, her confidence in the peace and guidance of Christ and a desire that everyone present would know Christ as she knows him. There were several instances during Megan’s message in which she was interrupted by applause and cheering as the crowd displayed their support of her decision. I thank God that most of us have not had to face such adversity as followers of Christ, but I also know that God’s Word tells those of us who are followers of Christ that we should be ready for such adversity and expect it. If you were faced with a similar choice with similar severe consequences potentially facing you how do you think you would respond? Would you respond as Megan did and stand boldly for your faith in the midst of adversity or would you quietly give in to the pressure and remain silent about the one who gave everything that you might have life? My prayer is the Megan’s story encourages each of us to have faith in God that there is no adversity too severe that He cannot carry us through and turn such situations into opportunities to proclaim His great message of salvation.

Keeping Company with God series #5

keeping company with God copymessage title: House of Prayer

message text: Acts 12:1-11

message date:  09.27.09

Prayer is about relationship with our heavenly Father.  When God’s children come to Him united together in prayer there is power.


Keeping Company with God series #4

keeping company with God copymessage title:  clogged ears?

message text: Genesis 37-45

message date: 09.20.09

Prayer is about relationship with our heavenly Father.  When we experience the pain of unanswered prayer we must focus on the bigger story God is weaving in our lives and in the world.


Keeping Company with God series #3

keeping company with God copymessage title: Kingdom Kids

message text: Luke 18:1-17

message date: 09.13.09

Prayer is about relationship with our heavenly Father.  It is the childlike heart that knows the Father best.