The Story series #21 “The Fortress of Joy”

Nehemiah 8 and 9 record one of the greatest revivals that took place in Scripture. These chapters trace the journey of those who have returned to Jerusalem from repentance to joy. The account reveals the natural progression that will take place in our lives when we experience a return to God. When confronted with the Word of God we recognize our sinfulness, His holiness, and find ourselves broken in His presence. But as we find ourselves broken we also find that our God meets us in our brokenness to raise us up and restore us to the joy of salvation through what Jesus Christ has accomplished for us at the cross.


The Story series #13 “Toppling the Outhouse”

The second half of the life of David is a lesson in the reality that no matter how dedicated to God a person may be, temptation is still very real. When the seed of temptation is planted sin takes root and consequences follow. Yet, God’s forgiveness is only as far away as confession and repentance flowing from a humble heart, granted as quickly as we can say it. Though the consequences of the sin remain, the forgiveness is real and so are the blessings that God can and does pour into our life as we continue to enjoy our restored relationship with Him.


re.series message 3 re.turn

re-turn-graphic-3message title: re.turn

message date: 1.25.09

message text: Zechariah 1:1-6

this third message in the re. series moves into the book of Zechariah, examining what happens when we return to the Lord.  This series takes a look at the Old Testament books of Haggai and Zechariah specifically focusing on what we are to do when God calls us to rebuild His work.