The Song in My Heart series, #1 “A Heroic Heart”


David’s life is the most chronicled in the Old Testament. Through the lens of Scripture each generation has had the opportunity to not only read about his highs and lows and his victories and his failures, but to scrutinize them as well. Few of us would be comfortable with our lives being recorded and studied as David’s has been for generation after generation. Yet, the fact that Scripture provides us with such and honest and thorough narrative of His life allows us to relate to his story and to be challenged by it. What we find in David is a flawed man, just like you and I. However, that is not his whole story, he was also a man who lived a life of complete trust in God. His trust wasn’t a blind trust but one rooted in a keen understanding of who God is and how He operates. As a result, David was labeled, by God, a man after God’s own heart. David’s complete trust resulted in the glory of God being displayed time and again in the highs and lows of his life. And his story is an encouragement to each one of us that our flawed life can be a song revealing God’s glory when we allow our life story to be a display of our complete dependence on God on every page and in every chapter.


The Story series #10 Different

The people of God are moving out of the period in which they were guided by judges into a time when they request that a human king rule over them like all the other nations of the earth. the heart of their request reveals that they have not grasp that reality that as God’s people they are called to be distinctly different from all the nations of the earth and provide a truthfully and compelling representation of the heart of God to the rest of the world. What results is a time of heartache for the people of Israel as God seeks to draw them back to the purpose for which they have been created.