A Must Read series #6: “Chapter Five: Sleepwalking

message title: Chapter Five: Sleepwalking

message text: Revelation 3:1-6

message date: 05.09.10

These days it seems that everyone has a strategy, opinion, plan, or formula for how the church should look and operate.  However, only one voice really matters, the voice of the one who gave His life for the church, Jesus Christ.  The book of Revelation contains 7 letters to 7 churches in which God tells us what His church should look like in order to reflect His image.  He shares what to avoid and what to embrace as we reveal the image or our glorious Groom, Jesus Christ.  The church at Sardis was a church that appeared alive to everyone except for God.  His verdict was they were dead and therefore, in order to experience His life they must risk everything to awaken renewed life in the Spirit.


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